I didn’t have much time this week, so I decided to try a very simple setup. Just doing a couple headshots with natural light. No extra gear, no special anything, just quick and dirty. It’s cold outside, so we had to move indoors. 25 minutes in a hotel room. Simple, right?

Honestly, this shoot sure was basic. But there were a bunch of things I still took away from it. First, I hadn’t done any portrait in a while and needed to get back into it. And the last time I did a couple portraits I mostly used flash – now I went with natural light only. I also had a new camera to play with. It was mainly bought for other stuff (photo booth!), but I thought why not give it a try? Turns out the images are fine, but I need to practice using the different menus and settings. Another thing that was hit or miss was trying to play with a narrow depth of field, it was way too narrow some times and I ended up with a bunch of very soft images. But these are all the learning experiences I want to see in a project like this. I’m happy.

What we ended up doing were just three different motives in the room. Amazing what a slight change of background and a little hair adjustment can give you. Oh, and Franzi did a bunch of stupid faces.