So, I started photography 10 years ago. I got my camera after Christmas 2005. It’s been a wild ride, picking up this hobby got me into all kinds of other things (mostly music related), but also travelling and much more. But it’s always been a hobby with ups and downs. Sometimes motivation is high, sometimes it’s low. Sometimes you invest a lot and go the extra mile, and then you do nothing for an entire month. I wanted to do something a little more steady and so I committed myself to do a weekly project in 2016! Meet Project 52!

Doing a 365 day project is a common thing for photographers – take a photo every day of the year. It’s a great concept, but I know that kind of commitment wasn’t for me. So I decided to go for the next best thing: a 52 week project – take a photo every week of the year. I asked my coworker Franziska if she’d be up to do this with me – and luckily she agreed! Therefore the plan is to do a photo shoot with her approximately every week. We’re gonna bend the rules a little bit to make it all work. There isn’t really a theme beyond this, there’s going to be stupid funny things as well as serious photo art. Or something like that.

For week one I wanted to take a photo of us together, an introduction if you like. I had some ideas but I threw them all out when I saw that the photos of the photo booth we set up at the companies New Years Eve party came out really good. So we just took a few there. It fit’s perfectly actually. It’s all about the year 2016 anyways! So here’s week one:

I’m a big fan of the Zoidberg dance photo. I think Franzi likes the one where she is touching my head. By the way this is most likely the most fancy way you’ll ever see me dress.