Literally the next door over from the place where Franzi and I work is a fitness studio. So far I’ve almost completely ignored the place, actually even though I have done a fair bit of sports in my life, I never went to professional gym. But our boss decided to give everybody a free membership starting this month, so we’ve begun to use it! So, to keep track of any progress (if there’s any) we’ve taken some “before” photos.

I don’t really have have big goals for this year, this photo project might actually be the biggest (and it’s not that extensive). However, given the opportunity, why not give it a try? What is there to lose, except a couple kilograms? Hopefully we can do another session down the road where we look all tough and ripped… Well, there’s about a zero pro-cent chance I’ll get a six-pack, but it would be nice to stop looking like a pregnant woman! Or you’ll never hear from this again and then you know that we have utterly and completely failed. These were all taken in the companies bathroom, using the wooden wall and some simple flash bounced from the ceiling.

Be warned: There’s going to be not only photos of a good looking model (Franzi), there’s also topless photos of an fat, ugly dude (me) – scroll down at your own risk!