This week I wanted to try something simple: Just some classic portrait lighting setups. And I wanted to use a particular piece of gear. I have this foldable roundflash (link) that packs really small, so you can easily carry it everywhere. It’s a weird light former, being a little bit of a softbox, a little bit beauty dish, a little bit roundflash – whatever. I used it before, but now I wanted to give it a proper try.

We ended up going for a bunch of very traditional portrait light varieties:

Loop lighting


Butterfly lighting


Rembrandt light


Frontal light


I think it worked okay for all these purposes. Compared to a regular umbrella the light is of course harder and more directional. No surprise here, it’s not a huge light former by any means. It is fine when used for headshots, maybe like a half a body. But as soon as you go wider, you see the heavy fall off from a small light. Here directly compared to an umbrella.