So I decided to go on a big U.S. trip this year. I did not go in the summer, as I have each year since 2007, so I added some extra time for the visit I have been paying to FEST the last couple years. This time it’s three weeks, three different locations, and something like 6 stats. Four of them I had never visited before. Here’s the literary (subject to change):

  • 10/23 Fly from Düsseldorf to Chicago, via Berlin
  • 10/24 – 10/26 Red Scare Records 10th anniversary celebrations
  • 10/27 Fly to Orlando
  • 10/29 – 10/30 Pre-Fest in Tampa
  • 10/31 – 11/03 Fest in Gainesville
  • 11/04 Fly to Las Vegas
  • 11/04 – 11/12 I’ll have a rental car and drive around some areas in the southwest. Mainly to see the landscape and sights. Stuff like the Grand Canyon and Death Valley.
  • 11/12 Fly back to Chicago
  • 11/13 Fly home to Düsseldorf via Berlin

And it looks a little like this: