On November 15th 2008 the Ergs! broke up. (*) Ending the eight years run the band had. Going out with a bunch of sold out shows in New Brunswick, Philadelphia and not one, but two final shows at Asbury Lanes, Asubury Park, NJ. I made the trip out to those and it’s still one of the most memorable shows I’ve been to.
The day of the shows there were people recording video and audio. Although these were put together, the result was never released. I always wondered what had happened to the footage, and more than a year ago I just asked straight forward if this could be released now, years later, maybe only on the internet. People agreed that it should be out. Unfortunately it took quite some time to track down a copy of a DVD with the recordings. I had to keep bugging people about it, put I persistently kept asking for it, and finally got it a few weeks ago.
Now I put it up on the internet. For streaming on Youtube and Vimeo. Vimeo also allows a low quality download. And I also put up the source file, which has higher quality.

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYtVYxgQq30
VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/70146313
SOURCE FILE: http://bit.ly/18U3ISd (right click, save as…) – warning, this is 2 Gigabytes!

Here is the info:

Filmed by Jonathan Yi + Pat Byrne
Prodcuced by Rosanne Raposo
Edited by Jonathan Yi
Live Sound Recording by Craig Hunchback

01) First Song Side A
02) A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part 2
03) Kind of Like Smitten
04) Extra Medium
05) Bike Shoppe
06) Introducing Morrisey
07) Ben Kweller
08) 1000 Letters
09) Anthem For A New Amanda
10) Move Violent Rap Group
11) Pray For Rain
12) Saturday Nite Crap-O-Rama
13) If You Don’t
14) Steven A Hinckley Has the Following Items; A) Devo Energy Dome, B) Devo Radion Stuit, C) Devo New Traditionalist Pomp
15) Every Romance Language
16) It’s Like I Say Y’Know
17) Stinking of Whiskey Blues
18) Piltdown Man
19) Running, Jumping, Standing Still
20) Fluorescent Stars
21) Aja
22) Fin
23) Books About Miles Davis
24) Rod Argent
25) Everything Falls Apart (And More)
26) Upstairs/Downstairs

Thanks to everybody who helped making this video.

(*) yeah it wasn’t their last show. They played a private wedding a few weeks after their official breakup, honoring a commitment they had given earlier. And they reunited for a cancer benefit show on December 5th 2010.