I don’t know if anyone noticed – I doubt it actually – but I’ve been migrating photos from my old gallery to this newer website. This week I finished the year 2008. Which means all images from 2006 through 2008 are online, as well as 2012-2013. 2009-2011 are only available on my old site. I will continue to work on this, and eventually every single image should be in the new format. Why does this matter? The new site is searchable, and now every band has been tagged and there is also a list with all shows and all bands etc.. so the overall presentation is much easier to access and find. On top of that, when I go through this stuff I will try and add unreleased galleries. There are a few from various times and tours that have never been seen.

Unfortunately a theme update has done some damage to a few galleries from 2012. If you encounter this problem, please contact me. I can fix this easily. But have to do so for every single one.