My other websites:

  • Punxelated – A punk photo zine I publish. You’ll find info and order information here: www.punxelated.com
  • Things On The Ground – Is a photo project I did a few years ago. Check www.thingsontheground.com.
  • Humppajugend – Well, I somehow ended up founding this fanclub for the band Eläkeläiset from Finland. www.humppajugend.com
  • Stupid and Loud Shows – Occasionally I organize shows in a local bar called Bla. www.stupidandloud.com.
Marc. 40 years old.
Bonn Germany.
I have a degree in philosophy. I work in hospitality (fancy word for a hotel job), I ran a juniors ski-team for a couple years. And I take photos. At shows, punk and hardcore most of the time. Most of this website is dedicated to my live music photography, plus whatever other project I might do.
Things I do / like?
Coca Cola, The Ramones, French Fries, Travelling, Skiing, Music.
Things I don’t do / like?
Pepsi, Drinking, Drugs, Smoking, Ideology.
Books, TV, Movies?
Albert Camus, Joseph Roth, Douglas Adams, William Gibson, The Simpsons, The Wire, South Park, Futurama, BSG, Greys Anatomy, Fight Club, Clerks, Trainspotting.